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Replacing A Missing Tooth

The Price you pay for not replacing a missing tooth

Physical Consequences of the missing teeth:

Different modes of replacing your missing teeth:

There are various ways of replacing missing teeth, which involves bridges, implants, and dentures. It depends upon the present condition of the patient's teeth for recommending the treatment for him.

If you have any missing teeth, then the option for treatment you have are mentioned below:

  • Partial or full dentures: Metal frameworks or removable plastic having false teeth attached
  • Bridges: The false teeth are allowed to be fixed into your natural teeth.
  • Dental Implants: The false teeth are adequately fitted on top of the titanium implants and is fixed in your jawbone.


  • One of them is quite common and is comprised of two crowns. They are permanently bonded to your teeth on either side of the space while having the false tooth in the middle.
  • The second one is recommended when the teeth on either side of your missing teeth are healthy and robust. This method is comprised of the false tooth having wings in sides. The wings are bonded in the roots of the teeth.

Advantages of planting bridges:

  • Bridges offer both aesthetic and functional correction for your jawline
  • Dental benefits can offer long-term structural benefits to the mouth. Once the bridge is used for replacing the missing teeth, the risk for the movement, and the issues facing in biting are reduced.
  • Their easy maintenance also allows people to drift them towards implanting bridges. People take a short time for being accustomed to the mouth but soon became part of your mouth structure.
  • The bridge also is known for maintaining the facial structure by reducing the risk of bone loss.

Dental implant:

Advantages of dental implants: