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Laser and Gum Therapy

Laser Treatments in Dentistry

One dental problem that a lot of people face is gum problem or gum disease.It is a medical condition when a person has swollen, irritated, reddish or bleeding gums.Laser gum therapy is suggested to such people.This type of therapy does not include any kind of cutting and stitching which makes the whole process painless.There are minimal chances of infection and quick recovery time.There is no medication involved after the laser gum therapy and a person who has undergone it can immediately return to his normal work.Confydentz dental hospital in Guntur is considered best for laser and gum therapy.

What are various applications of LASERS in dentistry?

There are various points where lasers are applied in dental treatment

  • Used in bacteria prevention
  • During RCT treatment canals are sterilized through lasers
  • Various type of gum diseases
  • Teeth whitening
  • lasers are also used in various type of implant surgeries
  • Uncovering Impacted Tooth
  • Gingival Re Contouring
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Biopsy or Lesion removal

What are the types of dental LASER treatments available?

There are basically two type of laser treatment available-

  • Hard tissue - it is related to all type of tooth structure and bone fragmentation.
  • Soft tissue -it involves periodontal treatment.

Will the LASER hurt?

dentla laser treatment in guntur
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Best dental Doctors

Laser treatment is totally painless as there is no cutting and stitching.The person can return to his normal work after the laser gum therapy.There is no anesthesia involved during laser treatment.Considered very safe and effective.

How long will I need to stay home after the LASER gum surgery?

A person who has undergone laser gum therapy can immediately return to work.Laser gum therapy is quite comfortable and patient hardly feel any kind of pain.

Is LASER gum surgery safe for patients with serious medical conditions?

After taking full medical history of the patient laser gum therapy is suggested to him.As it does not involve any kind of cutting so the chances of bleeding are considered minimal.The chances of infection are not there and it has a quick recovery time.Laser therapy is suggested to people with medical condition in majority of the cases.

What is the difference between a Dental LASER surgery VS traditional gum surgery?

Laser gum therapy is generally more expensive than the traditional gum therapy as it does not involved any kind of surgical instruments.Medicationafter the treatment is also very minimal.

Dental Lasers Conventional Surgery
Pain Very minimal Need NSAIDs
Bleeding Very minimal Present
Inflammation Very minimal Present
Healing Excellent Good
Gum Recession Very minimal Present over long term
Long term results Excellent tissue regeneration Relatively less
Other medications No need to stop medications Sometimes requires to stop other medications
Cutting and stitching Not required Needs cutting and stitching
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Best Oral Surgery Doctors

How long does LASER gum therapy take?

The Time involved in laser Gum therapy depend on the kind of infection and upto what extend it has spread.Laser therapy usually take a session of 2 to 3 hours but a person may also need to have more than one visit according to the severity of the Gum problem

How long does LASER gum therapy take?

LASER gum therapy is performed in one long session of 2-3 hours in many cases, to treat the periodontal disease. It can also be done in two sessions, with one week apart each taking about 1-1/2hours.

The action of LASER is quick, bacteria or tissues can be removed in few minutes. Depending on the severity of gum disease and size and number of areas treated, gum therapy requires single or several visits.

How does a dental LASER work?

A laser is a straight and strong beam of light working at a particular area of infection.As gum tissues hold water content laser vapourises the water when it comes in contact with the gum tissue.

What are the benefits of dental LASERS?

Laser gum therapy is very beneficial as it involves considerably less time as compared to other dental surgeries.

  • No or minimum pain
  • No use of anesthisia
  • There is no cutting and stitching during laser Gum therapy.
  • Quick heal time
  • Minimal chances of bacteria infection.

What are the causes of Gum Disease?

The main cause of Gum disease is bacteria or bacterial plaque.Due to lack of oral care this plaque collecting and it hardens over a period of time.This plaque can be very harmful for the gum tissue and tooth.Gums may get swollen or reddish in color.Slowly the bacteria damges the gum and the tooth around it.

What are the stages of Gum Disease?

The stages of gum disease are-

  • Gingivitis-swollen or reddish gums due to bacterial plaque.It happens due lack of oral care.
  • Mild periodontitis-red or bleeding gums.Loss of bone is also noticed in this stage
  • Moderate periodontitis-bone loss of upto 50%,infection spreads deeper into the tissue and pocket depth of around 4-8 mm.
  • Advanced Periodontitis-severe bone loss of 50-85%,teeth become loose and uncomfort during regular functioning.

How will I know whether I have Gum Disease?

Bleeding of Gums is the sign for Gum Disease. As there is no pain in Gingivitis or Periodontitis, you will not be aware of Diseas
Symptoms of Gum Disease:

  • Bleeding Gums while brushing. “Healthy Gums do not bleed”
  • Swollen, red, tender Gums
  • Loose Gums that move away from tooth
  • Continuous Bad breath or bad taste in the mouth
  • Teeth becoming loose
  • Pus around teeth and Gums

How will I know whether I have Gum Disease?

Reddish or bleeding gums are the first sign of the Gum disease.a person need to check these sign as there is no pain in the primary stages.

Can Gum Disease affect my general health?

A healthy body is secret to a healthy oral life.Various kind of diseases like diabities,Heart problems are directly related to the gums. Bacteria from Gums enter blood stream and settle in the coronary arteries thus causing heart diseases.

What can I do to prevent Gum Disease?

  • Visit a dentist every 6 months
  • Brushing the teeth after every meal
  • Using a good mouth wash
  • Teeth floss.

How can you prevent Periodontal Diseases from returning?

In order to stay away from Periodontal Diseases One must practice Good oral hygiene.Staying away from from unhealthy food and beverages can also act as a boon for the oral health.

What is the treatment for Gummy smile?

There are various types of treatment for Gummy smile. . The Gingival margin is positioned apically without exposing the root surface. A new surgical technique involves both Gingival recontouring and traction and containment surgery of elevator muscle of upper lip and wing of nose (EMULWN)

Causes of Gummy smile-

  • Uneven jaw growth
  • Abnormal teeth eruption
  • Hyperactive upper lip muscle

Does smoking affect my Gums?

Smoking is considered bad for our gums and overall oral health.Bone loss is found more in smokers as compared to non smoking people.People who smoke are prone to gum diseases.

What is the role of Laser in treating Gum diseases?

  • Concentrated on the infected area.
  • Works on infrared that is quickly absorbed by the gum tissue
  • Laser removes all types of bacteria Infection.
  • Laser gum therapy is a very comfortable treatment.
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Best Oral Surgery Doctors

Does smoking affect my Gums?

  • Gum disease get worse in smoking.
  • Severe bone loss and more deep Pockets are seen in smokers.
  • Gum destruction is 3-6 times more in smokers.
  • Smokers have 5 times greater bone loss than nonsmokers.
  • Gum bleeding and redness are less in smokers and thereby difficult to know the presence of disease.


Laser Gum therapy is considered considered one of the best treatment.There is no bleeding in this treatment as no surgical instrument is used.No cutting and stitching is done.There is a quick heal time and a person can return to his normal work immediately.