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Root Canal Treatments in Guntur

Confydentz® dental hospital in Guntur provides best Root canal treatment in Guntur. The team of endodontists specialises in treatment of a cracked tooth, a deep cavity or any other kind of serious injury to the tooth. Root canal therapy may need one or more than one visit by the patient. Root canal treatment is also considered less expensive as compared to tooth replacement. Our Dentist in Guntur also tries to remove the dental anxiety of the patients.

What is root canal?

There is a natural cavity in the centre of the tooth is called root canal. The nerve of the tooth lies in the root canal. The is a pulp chamber in this root canal.

Tooth’s nerve and pulp damage

The nerve of tooth gets damaged by infection, tooth decay,cracked tooth or facial trauma. Due to infection in the nerve tissue and slowly it reaches to the root of the tooth. This leads to an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is a chamber of pus at the end of the root of the tooth.

Why is RCT done?

Root canal treatment is done in case of infection in a tooth due cavity,facial injury,crack in tooth etc. The damage in tooth nerve and pulp chamber causes a lot of pain.

Stages of root canal treatment:

  • Diagnosis - The dentist examins the infected teeth and damaged pulp. He suggests you to go for root canal treatment in order to save the tooth.
  • Local Anesthesia -to give a painless treatment anesthetic is injected around the infected area.
  • Dental dam - the purpose of the dental dam is keep the area of treatment bacteria free.
  • Pulp removal -the damaged or infected pulp is removed through surgical instruments. A hole is drilled for root canals
  • Canal cleaning -the canal of the tooth is cleaned with an antiseptic and it is give a proper shape.
  • Canal filling -the canals are completely filled with an adhesive sealant called Gutta Percha to avoid reinfection.
  • Tooth fillingand Crown - the hole is filled and it is covered with a cap shape crown which gives a teeth its natural look.
  • After care - in case there is a serious infection dentist may suggest some anitbiotics.

Is Root Canal Painful?

Root canal is a painless treatment because anestheic is injected around the infected area so that the patient does not feels any kind of pain.

How long does the root canal therapy take?

It generally take 2 to 3 dental visits for complete root canal treatment.

Is there a need for cap after Root Canal Treatment?

Capping is very necessary after root canal treatment because the tooth becomes disconnected to the rest of the body nutrtion which reduces its strength.

What is the success rate of root canal therapy?

In majority of the cases root canal treatment is successful. in case RCT has failed it can be redone.

Why does Root Canal Treatment fail?

  • Wrongly located canal
  • Incomplete bacterial treatment
  • Breakage or fractures in the root of the tooth
  • Perforations during treatment

What if I didn’t get my tooth treated with Root Canal Therapy?

If the treatment is not given on time infection can also spread in the adjacent teeth. It can also lead to cyst formation that is life threatening sometimes.

Why should I have Root Canal Therapy rather than have the tooth extracted?

The root canal treatment saves your natural tooth by giving you a treatment without extraction of your natural tooth. RCT is also considered less expensive than tooth replacement because if a tooth is extracted it has to be replaced by an artificial tooth.

What will be the post Root Canal Therapy protocol that should be followed?

  • Avoid hot food and beverages
  • Rinse with warm salt water
  • Brush regularly
  • Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco and other kind of drugs
  • Make less use to the treated tooth while eating

Can I go back to work after treatment?

Although a person can feel little bit of tenderness or numbness after the root canal treatment but he can easily return to his daily routine work after the treatment.

Should I be concerned about dental x rays taken during Root Canal Therapy?

X rays are taken to find the exact area of infection and upto what limit it has extended so that best treatment can be given to the patient. The amount of radiation is monitored by the dentist Minimum amout of radiation is used in an xray.

Will I need to return to your clinic for follow-ups after the procedure?

A routine examination will be done after 6 months in order to see the progress of treatment. A dental check up to see the healing of bone and working of the tooth.

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