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Dental Implants in Guntur

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is a metal frame or post surgically placed or positioned under the gums in the jawbone. These implants are small screw like structures that are made up of titanium which is generally suitable to human body. Dental implants gives a perfect solution to person who has lost a tooth or teeth due to some injury,tooth decay or any other problem.The crowns over these implants further helps a person in giving a feel of natural teeth. A person need to have healthy gums and adequate jaw bone support in order to have a dental implant. Regular visits to dentist and oral hygiene is a must to have a long term success of dental implants.Confydentz dental hospital in Guntur is known for best dental implants

Replacement on dental implant Replacement on existing teeth (Bridge)
Duration Many years.
With the right care up it can last up to a lifetime.
approx. 5-20 years
Healthy neighboring
teeth need to be ground down
No Yes
Keeping new tooth clean Normal effort More complicated
Risk of tooth decay / fracturing Very low Yes
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Replacement teeth on natural teeth.

Neighboring teeth need to be ground down.

Replacement teeth on natural teeth.

Neighboring teeth need to be ground down.

dental implants in guntur

Types of implants:

  • Conventional Implants
  • Strategic Implants

Conventional Implants

A conventional dental implant is usually known as a “Two Piece” implant which consists of the root component and the tooth component in separate bits. The root component (implant) is placed into the jaw bone and to it is connected the tooth component (abutment) usually using a tiny screw. The abutment is then prepared or customized to take the final crown.

Strategic Implants

Strategic Implants are latest technology based dental implants which are much more superior and offer enormous advantage over the conventional dental implants. In this type of implants bone augmentation is not required as latest methods and best surgical techniques are used for immediate loading in most of the cases. Strategic implants can be placed immediately after the extraction of the tooth.

Strategic implants hold a variety of advantages over the old fashioned conventional implants as they are less time consuming and best surgical methods and techniques are used in them. Confydentz dental hospital in Guntur offers the best technology for immediate Dental implants.All types of affordable dental implants are available at our dental hospital in Guntur.

Immediate loading Implantology

Strategic Implants works on immediate loading Implantology which offer much better results over the conventional dental implants. Following points make immediate loading superior over the old fashioned implants.

  • Bone augmentation is not done in strategic implants as most of the patients are treated with well-developed technique and surgical methods.
  • Strategic implant is anchored only in the cortical bone areas. Thus implants can be used immediately. Cortical bone provide best level of stability and mineralization.
  • Implants can be placed right after the extraction of the tooth even if there are any kind of periodontal infections are there.
  • The treatment through Strategic implants do not depend on the vertical bone hence the cases of resorbed bone can also be treated.
  • Healing time is not required in a strategic implant and an average treatment can be finished in 72 hours after the fixation of the permanent teeth.
  • In any kind of complications strategic implants can be removed and replaced very easily.
  • In various conventional dental implants disease and infection occur around the area of implant,this does not happens in strategic implant technology.

Our dental hospital in Guntur specialises in Immediate Dental Implants which are also considered as one of the best dental implants.We are motivated with the idea of providing best dental care to our patients. We are even specialised in children dental clinic in Guntur, India. We always try to keep our cost low and provide affordable Dental Implants in Guntur.

Advantages of Strategic implants over Conventional Implants

When compared to conventional Implants Strategic Implantology falls much ahead and superior to old fashioned conventional implants.Some of the points are as following :-

dental implantologist in guntur
  • Almost all types of cases can be considered for the strategic Implants regardless of the extension of the jaw bone,residual teeth are there or they need extraction.
  • The steps and no of surgeries are less in strategic implant treatment and implants can be placed immediately.
  • The Quality of the implants under strategic implant technology is much better and slim as compared to conventional dental Implants.
  • There are least chances of infection is strategic implants as they are free from peri-implantitis which is commonly found in conventional dental implants
  • Strategic implants can be loaded immediately so the person can return to normal routine very quickly.

Confydentz dental hospital is known for Best dental implants at affordable prices hence we are considered best among the league.If you are looking for any kind of dental treatment or tooth replacement our dental hospital in Guntur offers immediate dental implants.

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