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Efficacy of Aligners

Efficacy of Aligners

Info about Aligners

Aligners are effective in:

  • Spacing in the teeth
  • Open crowding of teeth
  • Deep bite conditions
  • Open bite conditions
  • Some cosmetic needs

How can you be benefitted by Aligners?

Pros of Aligners:

  • Relaxing, supple, and opportune: Clear Aligners comfortably fit over the teeth without causing irritation. They are customized as per the size and structure of teeth on jaw of the patient.
  • Invisibility: The USP of aligners are that they are hardly noticeable as they are made up of transparent plastic giving hard time to be noticed. They would be not hampering your persona.
  • Easy intake of liquid and solid food: Aligners do not cause hindrance in eating and drinking unlike other straightening procedures.
  • Assures easy maintenance of Oral hygiene: You need not to comprise a bit on oral health as they can be removed easily. It allows access to brush your mouth, flossing ability and can be used in union with teeth whiten

Myth associated with of Aligners: