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Immediate teeth replacement with Dental Implants in Guntur

Immediate teeth replacement with Dental Implants in Guntur

Benefits of Immediate teeth replacement

  • Patient gets the temporary teeth at the same time of removal
  • Permanent teeth made of ceramic or zirconia to be placed in 3 days.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Less cost

Different treatments available for dental implants

  • Endosteal implants : In this type of treatment, the teeth are directly implanted into the jaw bone and after that another surgery is required to connect a channel to the original implant. Ultimately, an artificial tooth will be attached to the existing space or it will be grouped on a bridge.
  • Basal Implants: Basal Dental Implantology (Cortical Implantology) is an advanced method of teeth implant strategy that utilizes the basal – cortical portion of our jaw bones for retention of the dental implants. The basal bone is well known for providing top class cortical bone for the retention of the implanted teeth. Basal implantology is also known as Cortical Implantology