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Dental Implants in Guntur

Implant Make Cost in Rupees(Per Implant)
Basal/Immediate loading implants Basal Rs 10000/-
Ostem Implants Ostem Implants Rs 28000/-(Excluding Prosthesis)-
Nobel biocare (Replace select) Nobel biocare Rs 34000/-(excluding prosthesis)
Nobel Biocare (Active) Nobel Biocare Rs 41000/-(excluding prosthesis)
Implant crown (PFM/metal ceramic) Rs 4500/- per PFM DMLS crown

The Cost of Dental Implants – Are they really worth the Time & Money?

There are so many problems that we face if we lose a tooth or teeth.we might face problem in eating and chewing.In many cases it has resulted in enormous pain.Dental implant is a proven solution to all these kind of problem.Dental implant surgery gives us the same functionality of our original teeth and replaces the tooth in the best possible way.The cost issues are always related to dental implant surgery and it is always asked that why dental implants are so expensive?

1. Cost of Professional’s Time-: All of us want the best treatment available for ourselves.we require an expert to take our case because it is directly related to our health.While have an implant surgery we wish have best professional team for use.We will have to pay a suitable amount to a person who leads our treatments.

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2. Material Cost-: There are various types of implant surgery available.It depends from person to person and his budget that what kind of treatment he is going for.Cost varies from one type of implant to another.

3. Qualifying and Preparing-: There are various pre and post treatment procedures that need to be followed for example-you might need to get an x-ray or a CT scan before the implant surgery.All this adds up to the cost of treatment.There might be some medication that need to be followed after the surgery.All these factors will raise the cost a bit.

4. Additional Procedures-: there are various additional procedures that have to to be followed to have a long and sustainable implant surgery.Like a person may have to undergo bone grafting,sinus lifts etc.

5. The kind of teeth to be replaced-: The cost of the implant surgery will also depend on which tooth or teeth is being replaced.A front tooth implant price is usually higher than molar implant while a back tooth implant will be less costly than a front tooth one.

6. The Expertise of the Dental Surgeon-: The experience of the dental surgeon is also counted in an implant surgery.Dr Ranjit kumar considered as best dentist in Guntur hold a decade of experience in dental implant surgery.