"Confydentz is the First Dental Hospital in Guntur to Provide Dental Treatment Under Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients"
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"Confydentz is the First Dental Hospital in Guntur to Provide Dental Treatment Under Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients"
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Your perfect smile is a click away!

Dental Implants in Guntur

Dental Implants are metal posts which look like screws that are surgically positioned in the jaw bone. They are made of titanium and other materials that are well suited to the human body. After placement the jaw bone and gum tissue gradually gets attached and becomes a stable base. Dental crowns now can be fixed to this base. If you are self conscious about missing teeth or wearing dentures, there’s an alternative that may be right for you – Dental Implants.A dental implant offers comfort and stability and by virtue it is closer to a natural tooth. At Confydentz our specialists got advanced training one to place the dental implants we are doing our services from guntur. Our philosophy will provide highest quality care to the patients.

Replacement teeth on dental implants

Dental implants are inserted into your jaw bone and act just like the tooth roots of your natural teeth. With this procedure, healthy adjacent teeth are left untouched.
Full Mouth Dental Implants                               Dental Implants Cost in Guntur
Replacement teeth on natural teeth.                                                       Replacement tooth on implant.
Neighboring teeth need to be ground down.                                         Neighboring teeth are left untouched.

Dental Implants Advantages

Comparison of dental implants with a bridge on natural teeth

Replacement on dental implant

Replacement on existing teeth (Bridge)

DurationMany years.
With the right care up it can last up to a lifetime.
approx. 5-20 years
Healthy neighboring
teeth need to be ground down
Keeping new tooth cleanNormal effortMore complicated
Risk of tooth decay / fracturingVery lowYes

Further advantages of dental implants:

  • A healthy, natural-looking smile
  • Teeth that look and feel exactly like your own Your body accepts them easily, because they are made of biocompatible material
  • Normal eating and speaking
  • Stable and comfortable fit

Ask your dentist for the implant solution that will help you feel complete again.

Immediate Dental Implants Cost

What is a dental implant?

Dental Implants are the best options for replacement of a single or multiple teeth. They are metal posts which are made of titanium & are inserted into the jaw bone which eventually fuse with it (Oseointegration). Dental crowns are cemented onto it to help in normal functioning of the teeth.

Who is a candidate for dental implant treatment?

Anyone whose general health condition is good with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. With advanced surgical methods and various dental implant systems available almost everyone can receive dental Implants.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is generally performed under Local anesthesia, hence its pain free except a little discomfort. Even though pain threshold for every patient differs, there is no history of severe pain or discomfort as simple medication is given.

Is there any age barrier for dental Implants?

Overall health and a desire to improve the quality of life are much more important considerations than age. Infact originally Dental implants were designed for elderly patients who have all their teeth missing

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form

How long does the implant treatment take?

For implants to become stable and sturdy bone formation takes place around the implant.It takes 3-9 months based on quality of bone.

What is the success rate of dental implants ?

Dental implant treatment is one of the most successful procedures in the dental field, with documented Success rates over 95%. There are rare occasions where the bone does not completely bond to the implants. In very few cases, the bone does not bond to the implant completely.In such cases the new implants are placed with good success rate.

Wisdom teeth (or third molars) are the last teeth to erupt into the mouth and are the furthest teeth from the front of the mouth.

Can I eat all the food that I want with dental Implants?

Dental Implants will allow you to eat your regular food like vegetables, fruits , meat etc.

However Implant supported dentures double your biting force thereby allowing you to eat harder food as well.

If i’m having a front tooth replaced with an implant, will I have to be without tooth during the healing period?

No. If you are replacing a front tooth with an implant, there will be temporary tooth placed until the implant heals. This healing period can take up to 4 – 6 months. This will be placed at the time of implant surgery.

Is it necessary to have one implant placed for each missing tooth?

Not all times, but some patients who have few missing teeth, individual implants are suggested to replace all missing posterior  teeth which gives good support to withstand chewing forces.

Can the implant be placed at the time of extraction (Immediate Implant) ?

Yes, Implant can be placed especially for anterior teeth immediately after extraction. The two factors that determine if this is possible are

  • anatomy
  • amount of available bone.

Once all presurgical planning is completed, your surgeon at Confydentz will let you know if you are a candidate for this option.

What is the Implant care after the procedure?

Immediate care:

  • Antibiotics – 3 to 5 days
  • Cold diet – 1 day
  • No spitting /rinsing
  • Avoid hot & spicy food
  • Apply ice packs
  • Avoid smoking / alcohol

Late care:

  • Warm Salt water/Mouth was rinses
  • Suture removal after 7 days

Special care is not needed, but regular brushing and flossing has to be done and regular dental visits are necessary.

How much does an implant cost?

Implants costs a little higher when compared with that of dental bridges. At your giving expert opinion we will give a written value of your treatment after your medical observation and determination of the extent of your procedure. The abutment and crown are charged separately.

Does Implants come under Insurance cover?

Though Implants are the most favored option for replacing a missing teeth, the Insurance companies consider it as an elective procedure & hence don’t cover under Insurance.