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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Guntur

Teeth Whitening

Most of us have different shades of white to yellow teeth color. The Color of the teeth changes as age advances and by stains from various products used on teeth or consumed as food
At Confydentz, we have cosmetic teeth whitening treat Common Cosmetic treatments includement for patients who wish to have whiter teeth color. We suggest different techniques, at home bleach with trays to In clinic treatments. we are doing our teeth whitening services from guntur.

Tooth colored fillings

Generally When teeth are not kept clean, dental plaque with the food debris stick to the teeth and cause formation of dental caries. As the caries progresses, one notices symptoms like pain, sensitivity to heat and cold.
At Confydentz we clean and restore the decayed tooth with composite fillings, which is in tooth color which are very good in esthetics and resistant in nature.

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of smile with various cosmetic procedures
At Confydentz we treat the following conditions for smile makeovers
•  Diastema (Gaps in between teeth)
•  Irregular shaped teeth
•  Chipped or broken teeth
•  Mal positioning of teeth
•  Cosmetic gum surgery
•  Tooth contouring and reshaping

What is Cosmetic Dentistry, and how is it different from General Dentistry?

The art and science combined, to have an aesthetic, flawless, and healthy smile is known as Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry improve and preserve the good smile while the health maintenance of teeth and gums is focused in General Dentistry

Common Cosmetic treatments include:

Cosmetic Dentistry Service in Guntur

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Contouring/tooth reshaping
  • Bonding
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Smile makeovers

What causes discoloration of Teeth?

As age progresses, tooth discoloration increases, wear down of enamel is seen, and the appearance of the teeth becomes dull. Smoking & heavy consumption of coffee or tea mainly cause tooth discoloration.

Other causes of teeth discoloration include

  • Side effects of some medications taken during developmental phase of teeth,
  • Excess fluoride consumption
  • Individual’s genetic makeup.

 In people whose teeth are dull-looking or discolored, veneers and teeth whitening procedures give an aesthetic solution.

Am I a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening Cost in Guntur

  • Want to improve their smile
  • Yellowish teeth or slightly discolored teeth
  • Have good dental health
  • Good maintenance of oral hygiene
  • Has good physical health

Are there any side effects with Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening normally do not have any significant side effects. However minor side effects are:

  • Tooth sensitivity may increase.
  • Appearance of white spots on teeth surface
  • Gum irritation or sensitivity by using night-time whitening trays

Does Teeth Whitening work for everyone?

Not always. Bright and white smile may not be achieved in severe discoloration cases. Porcelain Veneers or composite bonding are the options for severely tooth discolored individuals.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers
Porcelain Veneers are also known as Porcelain Laminates. These are the restorations which are used to change tooth shape and color and bonded on the front surface of the teeth generally. Veneers are strong enough when affixed to teeth but they are typically very thin. Strength, durability and vitality of material are the advantages of porcelain versus composite resin.

Are Veneers my only option if I want a Smile makeover?

Thebest procedure that suits to your condition is determined by our Cosmetic dentist. A thorough examination is done by our dentist to determine the problems and condition of your teeth, and what dental treatment is required. Teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, crowns, gingival procedures, composite bonding and many other combination procedures are involved in Smile makeover.

What are the advantages of Veneers?


  • Very little preparation of tooth is enough as they are very thin
  • Bonded strongly, and held in place using special adhesive
  • Appearance of tooth is healthy and natural
  • Some veneers need no preparation at all.

Who is a candidate for Dental Veneer?

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Guntur
Veneers can improve the color, shape and position of your teeth. One who has, mal aligned tooth, chipped off teeth, fractured tooth, small gaps between teeth, discolored tooth, when braces or clips cannot be given.

How long do Porcelain Veneers last?

Veneers should last for many years: but they can chip off or break just like your own natural teeth.Porcelain Veneers usually have a life expectancy of somewhere around 7-20 years. Sometimes Veneers may chip off or get dislodged, and they can be replaced or repaired. Veneers may require alterations if the tooth and gum around Veneersundergo changes.

Are Dental Veneers safe?

Veneers are very safe, but patients who are getting them done must not have tooth decay, gum disease or complications stemming from root canals.

Do Veneers stain?

Coffee, tea and red wine and other foods do not stain Veneers as they do to real teeth because unlike tooth enamel, porcelain is not porous. But after 5 or more years some staining is likely to occur on the margins where the edge of the Veneers meets the tooth.

How to take care of Veneers?

As you brush and floss your natural teeth, we recommend the same for veneers also. Use of non-abrasive fluoride paste and daily brushing properly is recommended. Stain-inducing foods and coffee intake has to be considered.

What not to eat with Veneers?

Avoid biting and chewing with excessive force. In case you have to eat hard food, we recommend you to chew with your back tooth.

Do you have to shave your teeth for Veneers?

Your original teeth are minimally shaved by our dentist, to eliminate obtrusive or bulky smile and to create realistic smile. To fit the veneer precisely on the outer surface of the teeth, little amount of enamel is removed and reshaped permanently.

what is a “Smile Design”?

Smile Design is the procedure in dentistry for creating naturally beautiful looking Smile, whiter teeth and straightly aligned teeth.

Benefits of a Smile Design.

  • Your Smile is revitalized by the Smile Designer in a long lasting way. Smile design contributes to your overall appearance.
  • As age advances, your Smile is affected as the teeth wear off, discolored and chipped off. To restore the Smile back, Smile enhancement is done.

Customizing a Smile Design Plan

  • Dr. Rakhee will help you to plan your Smile Design. First the underlying dental problems are resolved, after that your cosmetic dental goals are achieved.
  • The number of appointments can be planned well and minimized.
  • Patients can bring the photos, when they were younger or the favourite Smile of actors to customize their Smile

Who is a candidate for a Smile Design?

  • Any person who wants a younger look. You can look some years younger than you really were.
  • Any person who wants more confidence while they Smile.
  • Any person who is concern about their appearance and interested to invest for dental health.
  • Any person wanting to improve the chances for career advancement.
  • Any person who wants to get noticed by the people and who want to appear healthier.

Anyone taking care of their teeth regularly having dental checkup and maintains good oral hygiene.

What Cosmetic procedures are available for people who have missing teeth?

Dentures provide benefit aesthetically for those people with some or all missing teeth although it is not considered as a cosmetic procedure. Dental bridges and dental implants serves better but dental implants outweigh bridges and are aesthetically more acceptable by the patients.

Are there Cosmetic Dentistry procedures that can be performed on children or teenagers?

For better socialization, children and adolescents want a prettier looking smile. If correcting is needed for a specific problem, some Cosmetic procedures may be done depending on the development stage of their teeth and bone and also according to the age.

Certain medications cause severe discoloration in some children and adolescents. Composite bonding or Veneers can be done for front teeth which are fractured in sports injury or accident. Composite bonding enhances the look of your Smile if there are slight spaces between teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Receding Gums?

Minor Gum recessions can be masked using cosmetic dental procedure. However the problem of Gum recession has to be diagnosed properly and get treated. Gum recession indicates the presence of periodontal disease and there is a risk of tooth being lost. Heavy tooth grinding also sometimes may lead to Gum recession which at times may need to be treated. Our Periodontist performs surgical procedures to cover the Gum receded area, to cover the roots of teeth with recession.

I want a Smile makeover because I think I have ugly teeth, but I don’t have any cavities or anything else wrong that needs to be fixed. Can something be done to make my Smile look better?

You can take an appointment from our experienced dentist if you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth. We have conservative techniques if you are concerned about the loss of tooth structure. The techniques include minimal and no-prep Veneers, Teeth Whitening and Composite bonding.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry covered by my insurance?

Cosmetic dentistry is not covered by your insurance. Your dentist will inform you if any benefits are available for the procedures you are going to undergo.