Patient Case Reports

Patient Case Reports

When the lower teeth and jaw protrude up and beyond the upper jaw, misalignment of teeth is seen and it is called as an underbite. The lower teeth and jaw appears pronounced abnormally when you close your mouth. Among many types of improper bites (malocclusion), underbite is one.

Underbites vary in their severity. If underbite is mild, it is rarely noticed; but if it is severe, facial features are distorted and cause serious self-esteem issues. Of the overall population, only 5-10 percent are affected by underbite, and it is embarrassing and uncomfortable for them to have personal and professional encounters. Receiving treatment for underbite correction is worthwhile and it is also necessary absolutely to maintain quality of life and your self-confidence.

Treatment varies depending on severity of under bite. Minor under bite cases can be corrected by orthodontics. Whereas Severe cases of underbite needs both orthodontic & surgical correction (Orthognathic Surgery).

Here is such a case of severe under bite treated by both orthodontics & Surgical Correction.

It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible, if you or your child has underbite. Improper bite is not only looking unsightly, it also affects the work of your mouth, the development of your jaw and leads to many other dental problems in the future. In making a decision about how to fix your underbite is to have evaluation by a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.