"Confydentz is the First Dental Hospital in Guntur to Provide Dental Treatment Under Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients"
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Our Facilities

Confydentz is fully equipped with Modern and latest technology. We offer best treatments to patients causing minimal inconvenience and to experience best infrastructure.

Orthopantomogram Treatments


We have a latest OPG Machine, Which takes x-ray of all the teeth at once. OPG dental images display all teeth in a single frame, facilitating wider diagnoses of the jaw, teeth and soft tissue for a more robust diagnoses.Typical functions include: an examination of impacted teeth, locating potential causes of dental pain, diagnoses concerning the bone structure of the temporomandibular joint or the entire jaw, and examining the pattern of both non-surfaced and surfaced teeth in adults and children.


Portable x Ray Machine

Portable x ray

We believe to increase the patient comfort by using portable x ray machine, this is convenient and improves the radiographic speed and  quality
Dental Portable x Ray Machine


B class autoclave

B class autoclave

We believe in perfect Sterilization and avoid cross infection. B Class autoclave (The autoclave with vacuum function) is used in our Dental Hospital to sterilize instruments and kill all the microorganisms including their spores. It will also make the sterilization of wrapped hollow instruments more complete.
We monitor sterilization monthly by sending the sterilization monitoring Strips to a well recognized lab to culture and we maintain a record of the same.We use Latest technology to give minimal invasive procedures and best possible patient experience by using Lasers, Physio dispensers and Rotary


Best Dental Treatments in Guntur

Dedicated treatment rooms with all diagnostic equipment

Dedicated treatment rooms help in giving more privacy to the patients and also help in maintaining the hygiene. Hence it is more acceptable to our patients.


Centrifugal Machine

Centrifugal machine to prepare A-PRF & I-PRF for advanced Implant, Oral surgery & Periodontology

Confydentz Dental & Maxillofacial Centre is the first Dental Hospital to offer advanced platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for advanced implant, periodontal & oral surgery procedures.
Utilizing a small sample of the patient’s own blood, this therapy can enhance hard and soft tissue grafting procedures. Not only does the treatment reduce healing times, but it also decreases pain and swelling and improves the overall patient experience.
This innovative technology has been used in dentistry for over ten years with much success. We now offer the same to our patients at an affordable cost.


Intra Oral camera for Patient education

Intra oral camera is the state of art equipment used in dentistry to show a patient the interior of their mouth, as an alternative to using a mirror. IOC allows the patient to see a clear picture of the inside of their mouth, aiding the dentist in consulting with them on various treatment options.At CONFYDENTZ we believe in evidence based dentistry. We educate the patient by showing real time images of the patient oral health status to them and propose a treatment plan.

RO water Facility to dental chairs

We provide clean and safe water for patients use on the dental chair for gargling purpose avoiding microbes, biofilm and with minimum TDS.


  • In-Patient rooms for Maxillofacial Surgical cases
  • In-House operation theatre for maxillofacial Surgical cases