"Confydentz is the First Dental Hospital in Guntur to Provide Dental Treatment Under Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients"
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Your perfect smile is a click away!

"Confydentz is the First Dental Hospital in Guntur to Provide Dental Treatment Under Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients"
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Your perfect smile is a click away!

Dental Hospital in Guntur

Confydentz is a state of art Dental & Maxillofacial facility in Guntur, we are here to fulfill you and your family dental needs. we are the best dental hospital in Guntur providing dental treatments in a modern relaxing environment that takes pride in creating millions of Smiles. We made our lacks of clients smile in our dental clinic.

Our Services

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are metallic posts which appear like screws that are surgically placed in the jaw bone. They are made of titanium and other materials which are good suitable to the human body. After placement the jaw bone and gum tissue step by step will get hooked up and turns into a steady base. Dental crowns now may also be fixed to this base.
In case you are self mindful about lacking enamel or sporting dentures, there’s an replacement that may be right for you – Dental Implants.A dental implant offers alleviation and balance and by using advantage it is towards a normal enamel.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

There are numerous causes which examine the elimination of wisdom teeth like age, symptoms (soreness, contamination, Swelling, bad breath, challenge in opening mouth) prophylactic elimination and so forth. Nonetheless our Maxillofacial health practitioner, Dr Ranjit Kumar will compare you and weigh the danger versus benefits of elimination of knowledge teeth and advocate you right cure.

Root Canal Treatments

When a teeth is badly decayed and becomes infected, Root canal cure is recommended to save lots of the tooth. Here the infected nerve and pulp are removed, cleaned, stuffed and sealed to restrict abscess formation and spreading of infection. Because the teeth turns into non crucial, it is recommended to put a crown on the dealt with enamel. At Confydentz is the first-rate Root Canal remedy middle in guntur and the professionals participate in the method with brand new rotary gear and make it less discomfort to the patients, being as nice dental hospital in guntur.

Laser and Gum Therapy

Laser is an acronym for light amplification with the aid of the influenced emission of radiation. A Laser is used in dentistry in lots of areas like caries prevention, bleaching, would healing, removing of hyperplastic tissue uncovering impacted teeth, gingival re contouring, crown lengthening and so on
In Confydentz, specialists use Lasers in Gum surgeries to curb the microorganisms in periodontal pockets, root planning and debridement which in turn helps sufferers to heal rapid

Crowns, Bridges & Dentures

Constituted of pure ceramic, this form of restoration has probably the most attractive appearance and within the palms of the proper dentist and ceramist, blends seamlessly along with your usual tooth. It could be fabricated from a large range of dental ceramics suitable for every character sufferer..

Children Dentistry

Baby enamel or milk tooth or principal enamel begin to erupt at the age of six to twelve months. All these little one enamel shed out in few years and everlasting teeth take their place. Nevertheless they have rather fundamental capabilities and suitable care should be taken for just right oral well being.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most of us have one of a kind shades of white to yellow tooth colour. The color of the teeth changes as age advances and with the aid of stains from quite a lot of merchandise used on tooth or consumed as food
At Confydentz, we’ve got beauty teeth whitening deal with normal cosmetic treatments includement for sufferers who want to have whiter enamel color. We endorse exclusive approaches, at dwelling bleach with trays to In health facility cures. We are doing our tooth whitening services from guntur.

Braces Correction of Teeth Alignment

Ideally Orthodontic screening via a Pedodontist (kids dentist) is encouraged at the age of around 7yrs. Youngsters can seek advice an orthodontist when everlasting tooth start to erupt, the Pedodontist can recommend Orthodontist intervention. Nevertheless ,cure will not be endorsed this early. Orthodontist offers just right thought of therapy that’s more likely to be wanted, and when to begin. It’s predominant for children to seek advice Orthodontist around the age of seven as orthodontic problems are corrected quite simply via early detection and screenings.

Jaw Corrective Treatment

Orthognathic surgical procedure is a surgical process used to straighten or re-align jaw and right skeletal deformities that a sufferer might have. Corrective jaw surgical procedure is also required in treating the next stipulations