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Braces Correction of Teeth Alignment

Braces & Correction of Teeth Alignment

If a person has non aligned teeth or dis proportionate bite there are different kinds to treatment to straighten the teeth and give them a better shape.Braces and retainers helps a person in giving his irregular teeth a good shape.Braces are corrective bands and wires placed on the teeth.Braces put pressure for a particular period of time and give teeth a particular direction.Due to this slow and continuous pressure the teeth of a person slowly start aligning and come into a proper shape.Braces can be of different types-:

  • Simple metal braces - made up of steel wires and brackets.They slowly move your teeth adjusting as per your body heat.
  • Lingual braces - These are placed on the inner side of teeth.They are made up of stainless steel.
  • Cermic braces - These types of braces come in tooth colours which match with the natural colour of the teeth.
  • Invisalign - These braces are made up of BPA free plastic which gets changed in every two weeks.

What are the signs to know that I need clip treatment?

  • Improper shape of bite
  • Unequal or irregular jaw
  • Spacing between the Teeth
  • Bulging out teeth or jaw.
  • Irregular shape of teeth.
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What causes Crooked teeth?

There are various reasons that results in crooked teeth-:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Habits of thumb sucking,pacifier,tongue thrusting etc.
  • Regular tea and coffee.
  • Unequal or irregular jaw.
  • Fast food and soft beverages.
  • Improper dental restorations.
  • Cyst or Tumor
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When is the best time to schedule an initial consultation for braces?

Its better to take the opinion of a dentist when permanent teeth start coming.Children by the age of seven years should consult pedaetric dentist to get the best advice for braces.

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When should orthodontic treatment be started?

The best time to start an orthodontic treatment is around the age of 12 13years to have a correct assessment of your oral condition.Orthodontist can be consulted if you experience-

  • Bad breadth
  • Speech problem
  • Unequal jaw problem
  • Problem of chewing and swallowing
  • Proclined or Retroclined teeth
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Does it hurt to get braces?

Initially after getting the braces there will be a certain discomfort as it take time to adjust according to your mouth.Wax can be applied on the inner part of braces to keep them smooth with cheeks and tongue.

How often will I come in for an orthodontic appointment?

The braces need to be readjusted only once in a month as they fall lose or get detached.Your dentist will give the best advice for the braces readjustment.

When is the best time to schedule an initial consultation for braces?

Ideally Orthodontic screening by a Pedodontist (Children dentist) is recommended at the age of around 7yrs. Children can consult an orthodontist when permanent teeth start to erupt, the Pedodontist can suggest Orthodontist intervention. However ,treatment is not recommended this early. Orthodontist gives good idea of treatment that is likely to be needed, and when to begin. It is important for children to consult Orthodontist around the age of seven as orthodontic problems are corrected easily by early detection and screenings.

If I get braces, how long do I have to wear them?

The time period of braces differs from person to person.The condition of the teeth also decide how long the braces will be kept.The standard time to keep the braces is 18 months

How can I take care of my teeth if I’m wearing braces or a retainer?

You can take care of your teeth during the braces treatment by doing the following this

  • Avoid sugary food
  • Use a good quality toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Avoid sticky food like chewing gum,candies etc.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Keep your braces or retainers clean.

Will I need to have any permanent teeth extracted?

It is suggested only when there is intense of teeth crowding which leads to insufficent space in the jaw.To maintain a proper alignment teeth extraction can be done

Is it too late to start?

Its never too late for an orthodontic treatment.As soon as you find certain kind of problem in your teeth or jaw bone you can visit a dentist.Braces are not only for children but can also be used by adults

Will my braces interfere with my school activities like sports, playing an instrument, or singing?

Your braces are totally adjusted with the teeth and mouth.They do not create any kind of discomfort while doing any kind of activity.You can freely play sports,eat or sing or do any other kind of co-curricular activies.

What should I do if the braces get dislodged at home?

Although braces are fixed with your but in certain cases they might get loose or dislodged.This may be eating a hard food or during a physical activity.Following instructions need to be followed-:

  • Inform your Parents about it
  • Contact your Dentist for further instructions
  • Try to fix it on temporary basis till to avoid further discomfort
  • Bracket is kept back in the place using sterile Tweezer sliding the bracket along the wire to the center of the tooth back into proper position.

I would love to have orthodontic treatment but as an adult I’m too embarrassed to wear braces. Are there any other options?

These days people are concerned about there looks and facial appearance.There are various types of treatment than having braces.Invisalign is most common among them as these are invisible plastic aligners which help is better positioning of teeth.The other two options that patients can choose are-:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual Braces

What if i ignore orthodontic treatment after suggested by my Dentist ?

If the treatment is ignored there are two types of effects.

  • Functional - The function of the teeth such as chewing and speaking is compromised. Maintaining oral hygiene is difficult and teeth eventually end up in Periodontitis and may become loose.
  • Esthetic - The appearance of the patient will have a psychological effect on them. They will become conscious of their smile and appearance.

Our Pedodontist Suggested Serial Extraction, What Is It?

In case of over crowding and eruption of teeth serial extraction is suggested by the pedodontist.After an oral examination deciduous canines are extracted to create space for incisors and their proper alignment, after that a year later deciduous first molars are extracted, to provide space for eruption of first premolars and finally first premolars are extracted to create space for proper alignment of permanent canines.

Our dental hospital in Guntur is considered Jaw Corrective Surgery helps in removing various kinds of defects